Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's
Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
Affiliated to SGBAU, Amravati
College Code No. 309
UGC Recog. U/S 2 (F) & 12 (B)

  1. Within the stipulated date decided by university, the students should fill the examination form with the requisite fee and submit it to the respective clerk of the college.
  2. The student, who does not filling the form in the prescribed time, can fill the form in the prescribed time only with the delayed fees as per the University rules.
  3. Students who do not filling in the form for a particular time period will be responsible for the educational losses due to failure of the examination. The college will not be responsible for in such cases.
  4. If the student has an error in the examination form / gave incomplete information / if the student does not get the required documents or marks sheet, if the student is deprived of the examination or if the results are reserved by the University, the student related to educational losses will be liable.
  5. When students admit to the college, the subjects written on the selected admission form are written in the examination form. If filling the examination form, changing the subject and writing it, if the student is deprived of the examination or if the examination hall ticket from the university is not received or the result is reserved, then the responsibility will be of the respective students. The college will not be responsible for it
  6. Students should fill the exam form with complete information in legible signature. If the wrong name is written in the examination form, then the wrong name can also be on the score sheet. To make amendments in this, apply the application with the fees prescribed by the University, to the examination co-ordinator / relevant clerk.After the University repairs the name on the mark sheet, the student will get it.
  7. Along with the examination form attach the attested copies of the required mark sheet.
  8. B.A., B.Com. And B.Sc. Environmental studies are essential for students of Part II. Without the passing of it, the passing of the marks sheet will not be obtained for the final year without sending the certificate to the University.
  9. Before the date of the examination, candidate get a hall ticket in a college from related clerk. Candidates will not have access to the examination without hall-ticket. If no student receives the Hall ticket for examination from the University, then contact the College of Examinar / Examination co-ordinator, eight days prior to the commencement of the examination and seek guidance from him.
  10. After declaration of examination result from the University, the students will receive the mark-sheets in college after getting from University. The result of the examination, student can see on the university's website http:/
  11. In order to enter B.A.II year, the B.A.I year students must pass minimum of any six subjects out of 10 subjects.
  12. In order to enter the B.Com.II year, B.Com.I year student must pass at least six subjects in 12 subjects of both sessions.
  1. Within 10 days of the result of the examination, failed student fill the form accurately with the examination fee in the college and submit to the related clerk.
  2. The student who does not filling the examination form in the prescribed time will have to fill the form within the prescribed time as per the University rules, with the delayed fees.
  3. If the students who do not fill the form in the prescribed time period are deprived of the examination, then the sole responsibility will be of the respective students.
  4. If you have got a exemption in the practical exam or a written test, or if you have filled in the form for the practical exam only, then clearly mention it.
  5. Students of B.A. Part II / B.Com. Part II / B.Sc. Part II cannot be given the paper of Environmental Studies at the next examination without completing the examination form if they fail on the subject of environmental studies.
  1. If the student's results are reserved for the university, then it will have to do with the error of the matter. For this, the college will conduct the necessary guidance for the same. Candidates should apply request application to the examination co-ordinator.
  2. The student will receive the mark sheet if university is confirmed that the student has complied with the error. In case of delay in the process from the University/ for delayed or not receiving the mark sheet from the University, college / college examination co-ordinator will not be responsible for that.
  1. After the results are announced for the re-evaluation / verification of the answer sheet, after the results are announced, within 15 days, the applicant should fill online application at and send it to the university with registered or speed post or by hand. The college or college co-ordinator will not be responsible for the re-assessment application, if the students are voluntarily filled up voluntarily by the University, due to re-evaluation by the University and if late / not received by the mark sheet, then the college or college co-ordinator will not be responsible.
  2. If the student has any difficulty in filling the application for re-assessment, then the student should take the guidance of the exam co-ordinator
  1. The Migration form is also available at the College Facilitation Center and on the website The student should complete the form with the fees and submit it by registered post / speed post/by hand in the University. College or college exam co-ordinator will not be responsible if the University gets late / not receiving a Migration.
  2. If the student has any difficulty in filling the application for Migration, then the student should take the guidance of the exam co-ordinator.
  1. To get a degree certificate, the fees prescribed by the University of the Degree Certificate along with the final year's examination form fee will also be required. If you do not fill fees for a certificate, you will not receive a degree certificate.
  2. A student who passes three years of graduation will get a degree certificate from the college. For that apply a request application to the principal.
  3. Instead of the student, if the father / mother wants to get the degree certificate from the college, then the authority and request application mentioning the name should be submitted to the principal. The concerned relatives will have to attach their own identity card with application form.