Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's
Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
Affiliated to SGBAU, Amravati
College Code No. 309
UGC Recog. U/S 2 (F) & 12 (B)


Sr. No. Name Coordinator Member Student's Representative
1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell Dr.S.D. Chavan Dr. A.M. Awati - Asst. Prof.
Dr. V.R. Bansile - Asst. Prof.
Dr. E. B. Bhalerao- Asst. Prof.
Shri. P.M. Kadam- Asst. Prof.
Dr. R.L. Telgad - Asst. Prof.
Sau. S.V. Rodge - Head Clerk
Shri. K.S. Kule – Ex. Principal
Dr. Nilesh Gawande – External Expert
Smt. Anjali Khedekar - Alumni Rep.
Shri. G.K. Thorat - Industrialist
Secretary Student’s Council
2 NSS Shri. B. U. Kale (PO) Shri. M. B. Jadhao
Dr. R.. L. Telgad
Tehasildar, D.Raja
Sarpanch, Dattak Gram
Police Patil, Dattak Gram
Aera Coordinator, NSS
Dr.A.M. Awati - Asst. Prof.
Shri. D.V. Gore - Asst. Prof.
Dr. V.R. Bansile - Asst. Prof.
Boys NSS Representative & Girls NSS Representative
3 NCC Dr. A.M. Awati Shri. S. T. Pawar SUO & JUO
4 Motivation Cell for Research & Professional Skill Shri. D.V. Gore Dr. S. D. Chavan
Dr. A. M. Awati
Shri. S.B. Jagtap
Shri N. P. Kakde
5 Guidance Cell for Employment and Self Employment Dr. A. M. Awati Shri. S. J. Chavan
Shri. P.B. Pawar
6 University & Home Examination Committee Shri. S.B. Jagtap -- --
7 Students Council and Annual Gathering Committee Dr. S.D. Chavan Shri.N.H.Shegokar,
Shri.M.B. Jadhao,
Shri. N.P. Kakde,
Ku. M..V. Autee,
Shri. M..L. Joshi
Secretary Student’s Council
8 Students Grievance Redressal Cell Dr. K.V. Mogarkar Shri. N.H. Shegokar,
Shri. M.S. Salve
Smt. M. V. Autee,
Shri. M.L.Joshi
Secretary Student’s Council
9 Internal Complaints committee for Women & Girls Common Room Monitoring Smt. M. V. Autee Dr. R. L. Telgad
Sau.Seema Dhule
Sau. S.V. Rodge
Student Nominee
10 Anti-ragging Committee Shri. N. H .Shegokar Dr. K.V. Mogarkar,
Shri. B. U. Kale,
Adv. R. Ramane,
Shri. M. Kotkar,
Shri. PSI,
Smt. M. V. Autee,
Smt. S. Raut,
Shri. S. Jain
Student Nominee
11 College Programme / Cultural Activity Committee Shri. M.B. Jadhao Shri. S. B. Jagtap, Shri.B. U. Kale, Dr. R. L. Telgad, Ku. M..V. Autee Secretary Student’s Council
12 Sports Committee Dr. K.V. Mogarkar Dr. S. D. Chavan,
Dr. A.M. Awati,
Dr. V. R. Bansile,
Shri P. M. Kadam,
Smt. M. V. Autee
Secretary Student’s Council
13 Building and Construction Committee Shri. N.H. Shegokar Dr. E. B. Bhalerao,
Sau. S.V. Rodge
14 Purchasing Committee Dr. S.D. Chavan Dr. U. B. Deshmukh ,
Sau. S.V. Rodge
15 UGC Scheme Committee Dr. E.B. Bhalerao Shri. P.A. Ingle --
16 Competitive Examination Guidance Committee Shri. S.J. Chavan Shri.P.B. Pawar,
Shri Shimbre,
Shri. S.T. Pawar
17 Career and Counseling Cell Shri. S.J. Chavan Shri.P.B. Pawar,
Shri Shimbre,
Shri. M.L. Joshi
18 Coaching Classes for Entry in Services for SC / ST / OBC Shri. S.J. Chavan Shri. P.B. Pawar,
Shri Shimbre,
Shri. S.T. Pawar
19 Equal Opportunity Center Certificate Courses on
  1. Communal Harmony
  2. Social Integrity
Shri. S.J. Chavan --
20 Certificate/Diploma Program/Value added Courses/Soft Skill Development
  1. Gender Equity
  2. Human Values & Professional Ethics
  3. Env. Cons
  4. Soft Skill Development

Bridege Courses
  1. Computer
  2. Tally
  3. Life Sciences
  4. Applied Mathematics
Shri. A. D. Kanwate (Coordinator)
  1. Shri. D.V. Gore
  2. Shri. M. B. Jadhao
  3. Shri. N.P. Kakde
  4. Shri.D.M. Shimbre
  1. Dr. R.L. Telgad
  2. Shri. S. B. Jagtap
  3. Shri. P. B. Pawar
  4. Shri. S. J. Chavan
21 Remedial Coaching Committee/Special Programmes for Advances learners and Slow learners Shri. A. D. Kanwate (Coordinator) Shri. M. B. Jadhao (Arts),
Shri. N.H. Shegokar (Com.)
Shri. A. D. Kanwate (Sci.)
22 Community College, Vocational Education and training (VET) Dr. E.B. Bhalerao
Shri. B. U. Kale
Shri. G.K. Thorat,
Shri. M.G. Thorat,
Shri. D.V. Gore,
Shri. M.O. Rajput,
Shri. U.D. Ikhe,
Shri.G.D. Lathad
23 Field Projects/Field trip, Internships Faculty exchange, Student exchange, On-the- job training, research, MoU etc Shri.P.M. Kadam (Coordinator) Dr. E. B. Bhalerao (Arts),
Dr. V. R. Bansile (Com.),
Shri.P.M. Kadam (Sci.)
24 Local Admission Committee & Personal Counseling Shri. D.V. Gore All Teaching Staff --
25 Campaign for motivation of Higher Education to Rural Community & Student Progression to Higher Edu. Shri. D.V. Gore All Teaching Staff --
26 Alumni Association and Parents Meeting Committee Dr. V. R. Bansile Dr. K. V. Mogarkar,
Shri. M. B. Jadaho,
Shri. M. L. Joshi,
Shri. S. T. Pawar,
Shri. Y.K. Athave,
Smt. M. V. Autee
27 Committee for Basic Facilities in the Campus. Shri. S.T. Pawar Shri. M. L. Joshi,
Shri. A.K. Rathod,
Class Representatives
28 College Time Table Committee All faculty Heads --
29 College Annual Magazine Committee Shri. M.B. Jadhao Sau. Seema Dhule
Dr. E.B. Bhalerao
Secretary Student’s Council
30 Publicity Committee Dr. K.V. Mogarkar Shri. P.B. Adhav,
Shri. S. T. Pawar
31 Lectures Control Committee Shri. A.M. Awati (All Faculties) Dr.S.D. Chavan (Arts),
Shri. N.H. Shegokar (Commerce),
Shri. P.M. Kadam (Science),
Shri M..L. Joshi
32 Students Uniform and Discipline Committee Shri. K.V. Mogarkar Dr. V.R. Bansile (Commerce),
Dr. E.B. Bhalerao (Arts),
Shri. M.S. Salve (Science)
Dr. R. L. Telgad,
Sau.Seema Dhule,
Ku. M.V. Autee,
Shri. S.T. Pawar
33 Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Attendance Monitoring Committee Shri. N.H. Shegokar -- --
34 Office Work Monitoring Committee. Shri. N.H. Shegokar -- --
35 Felicitation of Meritorious Students Committee Shri. M. L. Joshi Shri. M. S. Salve,
Shri. S. T. Pawar,
Shri.A.K. Rathod
36 Environment Consciousness & Sustainability Committee Vermicompost Project Monitoring
  • Waste Management
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Green Practices
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Contribute to local Community
Shri. N.P. Kakde Shri. M.S.Salve,
Shri. Shimbre
Student Nominee
37 YCMOU Study Center Dr. U. B. Deshmukh -- --
38 Internal Audit Check Committee, Annual Budget, Expenditure on Maintenance & Academic Support facilities Shri. S.B. Jagtap Sau. S. V. Rodge --
39 College Stock Record, Equipment repair & maintenance Committee Shri. B. U. Kale (Coordinator) Dr. U.B. Deshmukh (Lib.),
Dr. K. V. Mogarkar (Sports),
Shri. N. P. Kakde (Lab.),
Dr. R. L. Telgad (Comp. Lab.),
Shri. M. S. Salve (Class Room)
Shri. Khandebharad (Record)
40 Digital class room Monitoring Committee
  • ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • E-Learning resources
  • Student Centric Methods
  • Innovation and Creativity in teaching- learning
  • Facilities for e-content development such as Media Centre, Recording facility, Lecture Capturing System (LCS)
Shri.P.M. Kadam Shri. D.M Shimbre --
41 Annual Programme Planning & Report Committee Shri.M.B. Jadhav Shri. D.V. Gore --
42 Students Scholarship Form, Welfare Measures for Students and Staff Dr.V.R. Bansile Shri. D. V. Gore,
Shri. A. D. Kanwate,
Shri. P. B. Adhav,
Shri. M. L. Joshi,
Shri. S.T. Pawar,
Shri. A. K. Rathod,
Shri. K.D. Sonone
43 Students Facility Centre Shri. N.H. Shegokar Dr.V.R. Bansile --
44 ICT Facilities such as Smart Class, LMS
  • IT Facilities including Wi-Fi
  • College Website
Dr. R. L. Telgad --
45 Evaluation Process and Reforms Shri. P. B. Pawar --
46 Ecosystem for Innovations & Incubations Centre Dr. R. L. Telgad --
47 Academic & Administrative Audit (AAA) Dr. R. L. Telgad --
48 NIRF Shri. S.J. Chavan Shri. Prakash Ingle --
49 ISO Certification Shri. P.B. Pawar --
50 Library Committee Dr.U.B.Deshmukh --

All committees work as an internal management of the institution. The above committees are active throughout the academic year and organize various innovative curricular, Co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes concerning with the committee work which is allotted by the management. It is very important for the betterment of the institution. All the committees regularly conduct the meetings whenever it is needed and also keep the minutes of the meetings. Each committee submits its annual report to the Hon. Principal at the end of the academic year.