Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's
Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
Affiliated to SGBAU, Amravati
College Code No. 309
UGC Recog. U/S 2 (F) & 12 (B)


Good Administrative building with four window counters for students along with a students’ facility counter. . Students Facility Center with the facility like Xerox, Color Photo Print, Lamination and Stationary etc. Ergonomically designed Well- furnished office with computer, LAN Inter connectivity and internet facility staffroom with toilet, urinal, bathroom and pure drinking water facility with Kent R.O.

The library is fully automated with bar-coding of books, circulation and library membership smart cards. The college library is connected to other college libraries under the Inter Library Loan facilities, E-Library facilities with INFLIBNET N-List and NDL & DELNET Consortia. The library has purchased e-Gananthalya Library Software developed by NIC New Delhi. There is separate Reading rooms for Boys, Girls & staff members.

The institution has adequate facilities for sports

    • Wooden Flowering (Badminton)
    • Gymnasium
    • Chess
    • Wrestling Mattresses
    • Carom Board

    • Badminton Hall
    • Office (DPE)
    • Aerobic & Yoga Centre Hall
    • Store Room
    • 200mt Running Track
    • Shot-put (in Running Track)
    • Javelin Throw (in Running Track)
    • Basket Ball
    • Badminton Wooden Flowering
    • Gymnasium
    • Table Tennis Room ( One Table)
    • Pavilion Stand
    • Long Jump Pit (in Running Track)
    • Discuss Throw (in Running Track)
    • High Jump

  • Kho-Kho Ground
  • Kabaddi Ground
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Foot Ball Ground

Spacious, acoustic, Well Furnished ,airy classrooms with tube-lights, fan and green board facility.

Spacious, well furnished, equipped laboratories for all subjects like Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Physics & Computer Science. Physics laboratory has Dark room facility. Computer Science Laboratory has 40 computers with Internet and LAN facility.

College has a Botanical Garden situated in front of administrative building of the college it covers near about 1200 sq. ft. area. The botanical garden is well maintained with ex situ conservation of some rare medicinal plants as well as ornamental plants .The botanical garden is maintained by Environment conservation committee with the help of students and non teaching staff. The plants available in the garden are routinely being used for practical demonstrations to UG students of Botany Department. Botanical Garden has Herbs, Shrubs and Tree plants. The plants planted in the garden have either medicinal or economic importance and serve for the cause of environment & biodiversity conservation.

Sr. No. Tree Name Family Marathi Name Tree Count
1 Polyalthia longifolia Anonaceae Ashok 110
2 Ficus religiosa Moraceae Pimpal 1
3 Ficus benghalensis Moraceae Vad 5
4 Ficus racemosa Moraceae Umbar 1
5 Ricinus communis Euphorbiaceae Erand 1
6 Emblica officinalis Euphorbiaceae Awla 1
7 Hevea brasiliensis Euphorbiaceae Rubber plant 1
8 Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae Aamba 2
9 Cassia fistula Caesalpiniaceae Bahawa 2
10 Delonix regia Caesalpiniaceae Gul Mohor 21
11 Cathranthus roseus Caesalpiniaceae Sadaphuli 5
12 Albizzia lebbek Mimosaceae Siras 1
13 Azadirachta indica Meliaceae Kaduneem 40
14 Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae Saptparni 15
15 Nerium indicum Apocynaceae Kanher 2
16 Colocasia esculenta Araceae Aloo 10
17 Murraya koenigii Rutaceae Kadhipatta 1
18 Citrus aurantifolia Rutaceae Limbooni 1
19 Hibiscus rosa sinensis Malvaceae Jaswand 2
20 Bryophyllum pinnatum Crassulaceae Panphuti 1
21 Piper betle Piperaceae Nagwel 1
22 Ocimum gratissimum Lamiaceae Ran Tulasi 4
23 Aloe vera Liliaceae Korphad 1
24 Jasminum officinale Oleaceae. Chameli 1
25 Jasminum sambac Oleaceae Mogara 1
26 Jasminum mutiflorum Oleaceae Kunda 1
27 Dalbergia sissoo Papilionaceae Shisam 5
28 Prunus amygdalus Rosaceae Badam 1
29 Terminalia arjuna Combretaceae Arjun 1
30 Eucalyptus citriodora Myrtaceae Nilgiri 15
31 Zizyphus ujube Rhamnaceae Bor 2
32 Michelia champaca Magnoliaceae Chafa 2
33 American palm Arecaceae Palm tree 22
34 Moringa oleifera Brassicaceae Shewaga 1
35 Cupressus sampervirens Cupressaceae Saru 15
36 Opuntia ficus Cactaceae Niwdung 1
37 Cereus peruvianus Cactaceae Niwdung 1
38 Bamboosa bamboo Poaceae Bamboo 22
39 Coccus nucifera Palmaceae Nariyal 1
40 Pongamia pinnata Fabaceae Karanj 6
41 Clitoria ternatea Fabaceae Gokarn 1
42 Abrus precatorius Fabaceae Gunj 1
43 Mimosa pudica Fabaceae Lajalu 1
44 Cycas revoluta Cycadaceae Cycas 4
45 Spilanthes acmella Asteraceae Akkalkadha 1
46 Embelia ribes Primulaceae Wavding 1
47 Bougainvillea glabra Nyctaginaceae Bogan Wel 1
48 Dhatura inoxia Solanaceae Dhotara 1
49 Solanum torvum Solanaceae Ranwange 1
50 Punica granatum Lythraceae Dalimb 1
51 Araucaria columnaris Araucariaceae Xmas tree 1
52 Musa acuminata Musaceae Keli 1
53 Canna indica Cannaceae Kardali 2
54 Cissus quadrangularis Vitaceae Kandwel 1

College has well developed nursery of 10,000 plants of different varieties. Every year in the month of April new cycle of nursery begins under the supervision of Department of Botany. The bags are filled with soil collected from the rivers nearby and the well treated seeds are being sown with the help of students and non teaching staff. In the Nursery plants are propagated and grown to useable size and every year “LOKARPAN SAMAROHA” is organized and plantlets are distributed to Students and needy persons of nearby villages of Deulgaon Raja tahasil. Following plantlets are available in the Nursery:

Sr. No. Botanical Name Family Common Name
1 Azadirachta indica Meliaceae Kaduneem
2 Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae Saptparni
3 Pongamia pinnata Fabaceae Karanj
4 Annona squamosa Annonaceae Sitafhal
5 Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae Aamba
6 Delonix regia Caesalpiniaceae Gul Mohor
7 Limonia acidissima Rutaceae Kavat
8 Tamarindus indica Fabceae Chinch
9 Tectona grandis Lamiaceae sag
10 Terminalia belliricica Combretaceae Beheda
11 Syzygium cumini Myrtaceae Jambhul

The college has a provision for Girls Common Room where the girl students may sit, rest and go for recreation. Measuring 33X25 = 825 Sq. Ft. this room is equipped with drinking water facility, a water cooler fitted with water purifier, an attached washroom, elegant furniture, electricity, fans etc. The room is properly ventilated, well- lit, neat and clean to provide a friendly ambience to its users.

College has separate well from where the properly treated water is piped to reservoir. Reservoir is cleaned after every 15 days. Pure drinking water is provided with water cooler and aqua guard For students.

College canteen is a great place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating. It is spacious having separate seating arrangements for Staff and students. With all hygienic precautions only vegetarian food is served. Outsider is not allowed in the canteen. Canteen has pure drinking water facility with water cooler and aqua guard.

Separate vehicles parking are available for boys, girls and staff members.

College has auditorium for the organization of various curricular, co-curricular and cultural activities like lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, dance competitions and so on. Acoustical design of an auditorium addresses many aspects of room and building design, and is tightly coordinated with architectural and technical theatre design. The lighting facilities in the hall is flexible. The hall has facilities for increasing or decreasing the intensity of light and changing its color.

Huge, well furnished, conference hall with Facilities like overhead projector, podium, sound system, A Proper U-Shape Seating Arrangement, Video Conferencing System, and Fully Air-conditioned.

A digital classroom is the most iconic technology. College has digital class room with interactive board and internet Facility Having seating capacity of 70 students.

College has amphitheater to be used for special performances like Dance, Drama, festivals, classes and as well as a speaking ground for special events etc.

College has CCTV surveillance for security purpose.

Generator facility is available at the time of power cut or failure.