Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's
Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
Affiliated to SGBAU, Amravati
College Code No. 309
UGC Recog. U/S 2 (F) & 12 (B)

The scheme aims at improving the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in the various subjects and raising their level of comprehension in such subjects where qualitative technical and laboratory work is involved and reduce their failure and dropout rate. In pursuance of this our college has also introduced the scheme for slow learners. The coaching programme is co-ordinated by a senior faculty nominated by the Principal. The remedial coaching is conducted for every session for the students of B.A., B.Com. & B.Sc. The students are selected from First, Second as well as Third year of each faculty. The subject Teachers conducts the primary test in the class during the month of July. After observing the performance of the students in the class test, it is decided that which students are in need of Remedial Coaching and in which subject. It is also found that maximum students who are selected for the coaching are weak in about maximum subjects. Hence it is decided to give these students remedial coaching by each subject teacher after the college hours are over. The concerned teachers start to conduct the classes from the month of August. The time table for the same is prepared in which twenty five lectures during the year are allotted to each teacher. The classes are conducted without disturbing the regular instructional hours. Some guest lectures are also invited frequently by each subject teacher. The classes are conducted in the month of August, September, December and January. At the end of each month a test is conducted. The performance of students is found satisfactory in the test conducted in December and January. The progress of the students is evaluated on the basis of written examination and viva. After the regular coaching given to the students, all students appear for the annual examination held in month of March, April and May.

  1. To strengthen their knowledge skills and attitudes in such subjects, where quantitative and qualitative techniques are involved so that the necessary guidance and training provided may enable the students to pursue higher studies efficiently.
  2. To prepare slower students for competitive and regular examinations.
  3. To fill the gap between the slow learners and advanced learners.
  4. To arise interest in learning amongst the average students.
  5. To able the students who are lagging behind to catch up with the clever students.