Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's
Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
Affiliated to SGBAU, Amravati
College Code No. 309
UGC Recog. U/S 2 (F) & 12 (B)

The Department of Political Science is one of the most active, vibrant and premier department at Shri Vyankatesh Arts, Commerce and Science College Deulgaon Raja. This Department was started in 1967 from the opening of this college and it has a glorious past and looks forward to more glorious future. Former Nagpur University registrar and senior academician Late Balraj Aher was the first teacher of this department. The department is having the legacy of eminent scholar as a faculty members of Prin. Dr. D.A. Ethape. He has many publications at his record and an outstanding research work in Political Science as well as History

Political Science is offered as a major subject for the Bachelor of Arts programme to students interested in learning the political world around them, and to students seeking career options in government and related fields. Students study the Constitution of India, structure of Local Governments, State Governments, Central Government, Government of U.K., U.S.A. & China, International Relations & Organizations, Political Theory etc.

  1. Indian Constitution
  2. Indian Government and Politics
  3. World Politics and international relations
  4. International organizations and role of India
  5. Comparative Politics
  6. Political concepts and ideologies
  7. Political Theory
  8. Women Studies
  9. Panchayat Raj Institutions
  10. Syllabus of MPSC & UPSC
  1. To Increase knowledge of the political science discipline; its principal theoretical frameworks and applications, conceptual vocabulary, and methods of inquiry
  2. To increase understanding of basic facts and concepts about political system (Indian & around the world).
  3. To develop politico-analytical thinking among the students in the field of education and research.
  4. To promote political interpretations of changes in the society.
  5. To promote the principles of Liberty, equality. Fraternity in human society.
  6. To enhance participatory democratic practices through citizen-building.

The course offers a set of skills which are an excellent preparation for public policy making, policy analysis, legal fields, international relations, diplomacy, political consultancy, public affairs, academics and research. The department believes in helping the students to grow as good human beings and responsible citizens, not only good students. Department promotes interdisciplinary thinking and creates opportunities for the students. The Department of Political Science aims to strive for students success to help them achieve excellence in their chosen field. Political Science is a dynamic career oriented subject. A degree in Political Science prepares students for careers in politics and government, legal profession, journalism, mass media and other public/administrative professions, as well as the NGO sector. It is a very popular optional subject amongst civil services aspirants.

Sectors Career/Job
Civil Services UPSC: Join the IAS/IFS/IPS after passing qualifying exams.
State Public Service Commission after passing qualifying exams
Staff Selection Commission after passing qualifying exams
Banking Services Grade I officer level through the Banking Services Recruitment Board
Media related careers (with or without a Diploma in Journalism) Television : Journalists, Reporters, Sub-editors, Anchorpersons, Analysts, Forecasters, Specialists, Poll Analysts
Print media : Reporters, Sub-editors, Writers, Reviewers, Syndicated Columnists, Freelance Journalists, Critics
Academic careers Teachers in High School
Teachers in Junior College (with a Masters Degree in Political Science)
Teachers in Senior College (with a Masters Degree in Political Science) After Post Graduation one can opt for NET or SET/ SLET or Ph. D.
Business and Entrepreneurship Researchers, Subject Experts, Investigators, Data collectors in Government Institutions like the All India Institute of Local Self Government, OR in foundations such as the Ford Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, or in Think Tanks and Advisory Bodies such as the Center for Policy Research
Public Policy Research Consultants, Analysts, Researchers, Social workers, Social Political Activists, propagandists, public relation officer with Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies such as Amnesty International, AGNI, and United Nations and its related organizations.
Law (with LLB) Practice legal profession, Indian judicial Services Exam (IJS) exam to become a Judge. Corporate houses, law agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services and many more.